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4964 16/6/2018 20:12 From the mobile phone
Usuario52076798 Junior
I just bought an M6 Note some weeks ago and it resets by itself randomly sometimes while im using it and sometimes when im not, it just restarts by itself and its very annoying as sometimes im in the middle of a call and  it shuts off or im using the mobile and it restart. I  have already rebooted and also update the firmware but the issue continues. Please help me! Or I want a refund.


NK_Badal Member 18/6/2018 10:37
Tell the exact description of your device. What software version are you using like Flyme A or G and what the version number.

Usuario52076798 Junior 22/6/2018 08:44 From the mobile phone
Im using the Flyme version.

Model: M721H

Serie: 721HEDSD28Y9J

Product: Meizu M6 Note

Pleaaaase help!!
Shizzzik Junior 22/6/2018 23:58


JackieJerry Junior 29/6/2018 07:53 From the mobile phone
I just found that the foreign flyme is not the same version number as China
Usuario52076798 replied at 22/6/2018 08:44
Im using the Flyme version.

Model: M721H