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2127 5/7/2018 19:06
Ukrainian228 Junior
Edited by Ukrainian228 at 5/7/2018 19:08

I wanted to untie my account from the smartphone to the meizu m3, but after entering the password, pops up "OPERATION_FAIL_ERROR"

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fiqriachmada Junior 6/7/2018 22:49 From the mobile phone
The website still the Chinese language.
User5208297084 Junior Yesterday 22:19
Edited by User5208297084 at 16/7/2018 22:22

First, you have to remove sync in the account with the email address it was first registered with. I can't really understand the actual reason for this. But I have faced a similar issue, hence replying. I had to uninstall my antivirus as the firewall was blocking any further changes in the account. You can also try clearing cache files and the browser cookies.