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21258 9/8/2018 09:42
User5208629392 Junior
Any one know about any information/release/sell date about the M16-th global version, or the Flyme 7 global rom?



User625982668 Member 11/8/2018 07:56
I have ordered the Meizu 16th from an International seller.  I admit I know very little about the details about it.  I asked the dealer I ordered from to NOT root the phone and install multi language and Google Play Store and told them to please ship it to me the way it came to them.  I figured that way I could decide how to proceed from there.  I use English as my phone language so I don't need multi language.  I do want Google Play, but I believe I can instal that myself without rooting the phone.  But I am not experienced with doing so; I'll play it by ear.  No idea when the phone will get to me; I would guess 3-5 weeks so I'll know more then.
javi.D.V.LOP Member 15/8/2018 03:14
Good job bro