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13227 10/9/2018 21:43
User641250216 Junior
Recently, i just got my hands on meizu note 7 plus and it come with flyme 7.0 version installed. I was trying to test it performance with some games but i have noticed quite severe fps drops (lag) at the time. The game was running smooth but the fps drop is really bad that makes it unplayable. The phone get very hot as well. I wonder if it is a bug/problem on the flyme 7.0 otherwise it could be something going wrong inside the phone that i may need to get a refund/exchange.


User5209101104 Junior 13/9/2018 14:41
Edited by User5209101104 at 14/9/2018 20:06

If you reboot the phone, you won't see home screen again Bluestacks TextNow Photomath