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Had the same problem, I don't know what it is, but it got better after a while.
Though I had it with Flyme 5, but never on any 4.5 or 4.

Anyway, give it some time.

Guest 115.166.61.x replied at Nov 01 2015 17:40
Same issue with me
- Meizu M2 Note bought from Gearbest
- Flyme Latest version updated 4.5.4A
ultrametric Senior Member 1/11/2015 18:27
Meh, wasn't logged in

You can try to reflash the firmware and clear all data. But only do this if you have time and don't mind to reinstall all your apps.
It's not given that this will solve the problem, yet it may will.

my meizu m2 is not letting me add more google accounts tell me how can I add at least 2 google accounts
please mail me the solution
I`m very dissapointed in this Flyme os, every other clasic android is way better, in this flyme, everything is so complicated, the settings are tottaly diferent. When i enter in google account, there is no option for contact sync, only contact sync in flyme acc, that is so selfiesh.
When i try to open contact list and click on one of the contacts i need to wait al least one minute to show me the number???? Eeeee ONE minute? Where is those octa cores and gigabytes of RAM???? You put those procesors, rams and pixels for nothing when your operative sistem is garbage, it`s only good on benchmark, nothing else. Biggest mistake taking this phone, my Xperia E4 - 100x better.
Aleksandar from Serbia
HemRoy Middle Member 23/11/2015 00:54 From the mobile phone
Edited by HemRoy at Nov 23 2015 01:00
Try this...
Go in this way
Settings—> Accessibility —> Developer Options. Now scroll down you will see an option named as Show Surface Updates. Just tick once and untick again. Your problem will then be solved.
The surface updates is a option from Android that is regularly used by the developers to check the frame rates and is also used to counter the the frame drops. It's has no use from user view.
Guest 223.176.158.x replied at Oct 30 2015 21:10
I am using meizu m2 n i m facing screen flashing problem since buying. When i use any of app. N clos ...

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In my phone flyme acount is not shown its have only other accounts
How to import our contacts

sabesian Super Moderator 19/12/2015 22:43
Hi, you must be running Indian Firmware. Indian Firmware does not have flyme account.
You can import contacts by going to phone app ----> three dot icons ----> settings ------> accounts and contacts .
Guest 106.67.94.x replied at Dec 19 2015 15:51
In my phone flyme acount is not shown its have only other accounts
How to import our contacts
Yes, i am also found this problem and solution for this one. Worked on I

You must tick all in "data and synchronization". If you only tick contact, the sync will not work.

I bought meizu m2 in romania. i can't set google auto sync on. i don't have this option... is displayed as "sync off"... and there is no command where i can turn it on. i only can go to other accounts, enter google acound and manualy sync.. please help me
sabesian replied at Aug 30 2015 14:29
Hi!!Make sure google sync is turned on and you are using correct google account .
can you please tel ...