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sabesian Super Moderator 17/1/2016 19:21
Hi, download and upgrade to the latest firmware for your device. You can download latest firmware for Meizu M2 from -

After upgrading
go to settings ----> accounts----> other account ----> data and synchronization----> tick the options and exit.

Guest 188.24.32.x replied at Jan 17 2016 13:55

I bought meizu m2 in romania. i can't set google auto sync on. i don't have this option... i ...
what worked for me.
1. ad a random contact from your phone ex. AAA in that google account
2. go to settings accounts google account sync
3. wait....all contacts synced
i wanna know to phomne bool style means contact.

phone book

I solved the problem on this way:
2.accounts Flyme and sync
5.Auto sync -> OFF

after that google conntact synced immidiatly


I've read followed the tipps posted here and none of it worked.
How I solved the contact sync problem:
I' ve loged into gmail went to my contacts, then a message came up that some contacts are there twice, so I had to solve the cofilcts (merge the duplex contacts) and the phone started syncronizing.....
hope it might help

kk77kk Junior 6/2/2016 14:25
Hi my name is KRISHNA YADAV and from jharkhand and also a student. Please read my real story buying a Meizu phone.
I purchased MEIZU M2 from on 12/10/2015 and it delivered to me on 16/10/2015. I was very happy but after one month it start hanging and hanging all time, one day it hangs and after not powering on again. I brought it to MEIZU SERVICE CENTRE RANCHI(AMC SERVICES RANCHI) but they told me that they do not repair any mobile in Ranchi, it will be send to DELHI. How horrible words those are I cant explain .  They also give me a job sheet.I became ready to give it to the service center but, when I asked how much time it may take they told me minimum 2 Months. I shocked and thought why I bought this phone. After 25 days I contacted to MEIZU at 180030709925 but experience was very bad , every time I contact they cut my call again and again.I also contacted to whats-app no. 9999893888 and 9999892888 but they only say repairing of your phone is in process,,, my foot.
I will never recommend to buy any MEIZU phone in India. Today I realized that why other people recommend brand like SAMSUNG AND NOKIA.   C8B

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This willl help,
1) Click on Security on the home screen.

2) Make sure that all Google services have been allowed auto launch.

Come out of the screen once all confirmed.

3) Click Settings, Accounts, Other Accounts at botttom, click Google account, make sure that Contacts has been ticked.

4) Click sync right at the bottom.

Once done, Click on phone and contacts. Check that all contacts are there.

I had the same problem with contacts not appearing. Everything working properly now.



kunalkaushal Member 11/2/2016 11:44