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I had same contact sync problem with my Meizu Metal. When i created new contact in to google account via Meizu and resync google account in phone settings., the problem has been solved.
i am facing same issue plus google services and browser is not working.

sabesian replied at Sep 15 2015 15:07
Have you tried factory resetting the device;
Setting ---> about phone ----> storage ----> factory r ...
hello meizu , i have saved couple of contacts after some time when im chatting with them on whatsapp contact which i save their name disappears again i have to save it again it disappearing ,solve this issue ,who knows all contacts may dissappear
Any answer to the subject?
First time i bought meizu. I will never buy again. It's not good having trouble with google sync and laystore! I can't sync contacts meizu you are unacceptable!
And once again.  No sync of the google contacs on my new Meizu M1 Metal with newly updated Flyme OS And NONE of the workarounds suggested here helps.
I cant even set up a flyme account.  -  If this helps at all.  Because it is all in Chinese.  Yunk-Phone. Just wasted money!
Bettry problm
Bennybuta Junior 24/3/2016 19:33
I have the same problem with my MX5. I can't access my phonebook only after 3 minutes and never shows me the caller ID, wasn't this for allways only in last 2 weeks.
I am desperate.
I made an update to OS but still no change.
Any help?
用户89231116 replied at Sep 15 2015 15:21
Same issue with me
- Meizu M2 Note bought from Amazon
- Flyme Latest version updated 4.5.1|
Brate Aleksandre, nadam se da te nekako obavestava da ja sada pisem
Isti slucaj isti problemi.. Neces verovati ali i ja sam imao E4 koji sam prodao ne bi li kupio Meizu. Poistovetio sam se sa tobom
Nadam se da si resio problem sa pojavljivanjem kontakata.. Ako jesi, reci kako
Guest 24.135.166.x replied at Nov 22 2015 22:46
I`m very dissapointed in this Flyme os, every other clasic android is way better, in this flyme, eve ...
Hi guys. I have a Meizu m2 note with Flyme
When I open the contacts via the “phone” icon, and press “search” for a contact, the app starts “thinking” for about 1 min and finally the contact I was looking for appears. There are no sync on on my mobile. Any idea about how to solve it??