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User443481152 Junior 29/3/2016 15:47
I am also facing the problem of auto deletion of contacts. I know I have saved contacts,but sometimes some contacts get deleted randomly
Meizu es una autentica basura. No muestra los contactos de google.
No vuelvo a comprar un Meizu en la vida.
You try look your Gmail or google contact ~ and backup all your contact and restore to your gmail contact ~ and make sure your setting is sync ~ wait for a while to sync then your contact wont delete itself.
i use meizu m2 note.. And i never sync the contact to the google.. I just import them from my sd card and some of them i wrote it by myself but still the phonebook not display any contact..
sabesian replied at 30/8/2015 14:29
Hi!!Make sure google sync is turned on and you are using correct google account .
can you please tel ...
I've read all the things you've wrote, and I'll tried every thing.  Nothing works until I've rooted my phone (m1 note).
So I don't know what was the correct thing, but I'm absolutely sure that you need to root your phone.
Now I've disabled flyme sincronization and , when rooted, google contact synchronization begins to work
Synchronizing problems
Same prblm here with meizu mx5 call & contact not show just open the icon
Vaya puta mierda de marca. Meizu da asco.
Cua do me llaman solo sale el numero, no el nombre.
No muestra los contactos ni las llamadas perdidas a no ser que esperes 5minutos.
Meizu da asco. No compreis esta basura.
How can i get the contacts from google in Meizu m3 note. Please help
Same problem in m2 note
failed to read/create/Synchroniz contact
Contact book is such a BASIC function in a phone but meizu even fails to manage it