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Larinje Junior 23/10/2015 01:30
Hi! I have a same problem..
sabesian Super Moderator 23/10/2015 02:08
Edited by sabesian at Oct 23 2015 02:13
Hi, please make sure you are running the latest firmware if not download and upgrade from here -
Make sure to read, "Check update procedures and notes"  provided below download button on the page.

If you face the problem even after upgrading, please follow the instructions I have provided below

go to settings - - - - > accessibility(hand icon)  - - - - > other (scroll down) - - - - > developer options - - - - - > inputs (scroll down)----> toggle on show touches and pointer location

Now you can clearly check  where  you have  clicked .

Try drawing a triangle starting  from the middle of the screen touching both sides of the   of the  phone bezel  without lifting fingers ; see where line ends.  Make sure to take screen shot and post it here.
To take screen shot press home and volume down button

Larinje replied at Oct 23 2015 01:30
Hi! I have a same problem..

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i am having the same issue.. Is this a software issue or hardware??
i also facing same issue in meizu m2. how to rectify this problem
I read somewhere where a person from meizu clarified that the extreme right and extreme left 2 pixels have been knowingly made unavailable for touch keeping the size of the phone in mind that if a person holds the phone then unknown touch can be restricted with this.
Personally I feel this is irrelevant and crap but thats what they have said.... I have tried to look for a solution since months but I'm afraid there is none....
Hi Meizu,

I am using M2 Note, i am unable to connect my M2 note with Samsung 32' smart tv...with wire less display i am unable to connect to my is showing connecting but after some it is saying that the connection has ended... so plz clear this issue....
Sayyad Isaq

用户95019056 Member 8/12/2015 00:03 From the mobile phone
I am facing contacts loading problem on my m2 note... Anyone facing this problem...  How can I rectify this...
sufisoulboy Member 8/12/2015 03:10 From the mobile phone
Same problem with me
Same thing my mobile also
sabesian Super Moderator 8/12/2015 10:15
Hi, please factory reset your device and make sure you are on latest firmware.

用户95019056 replied at Dec 08 2015 00:03
I am facing contacts loading problem on my m2 note... Anyone facing this problem...  How can I recti ...