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thanks for help. Upgrading fixed the issue for me.
sabesian replied at Dec 08 2015 10:15
Hi, please factory reset your device and make sure you are on latest firmware.
440503300 Junior 18/12/2015 21:40
M2 in the note have the same problem all phones in Turkey. We emailed several times with Meizu. Restore the factory settings, they did return.We did, but the problem still continues. They consistently give such answers. Now I'm angry. This issue must seriously. Users are required to provide accurate information. Phone asking us to return to factory settings. They are trying to make easy work.
same problem here with m2

I had ghost touch and unresponsive screen issues in my m1 note which was just 2-3 months old. Since there is no service centre in my state i bought myself a repairing kit, open up the screen and shouldered the digitilizer cable, so far problems is solved!!!!

Guest 117.215.12.x replied at Dec 19 2015 15:08
I had ghost touch and unresponsive screen issues in my m1 note which was just 2-3 months old. Since  ...
I am m2
2.5 like
Lamiasebi Junior 22/12/2015 21:32
I have an similar issue. One centimeter of the toutchscreen is not working. I upgradet the software and checked this issue with the developer options. Everything is working and then there is this vertical line where the touch doesn't respond.
I tried to reset the phone. No i cant choos my language (because i have to "click" next but i cant) and my phone is useless.
I just want to give it back because the delivery took about three weeks too long and now the phone doesn't work right after only 3 months?
And as it seems it is an well known issue so this is a big problem in the products of meizu..
Kairo Junior 18/5/2016 18:00
Touch not working aprox. 2mm near long edges

I have the same Problem with the touch (global version). Tapping the screen at the long edges, touch not working. Wipeing from outside into the middle of the screen, touch is not working the 1st two mm from the edges. Wipeing from inside the screen to outside, touch is working to the last pixels at the edges (!), touch works as expected. I had contact with Meizu Support. They told me to reflash the ROM - the same. I reported the result and nothing happend. Some days later I asked again and Meizu told me that Amazon Germany is not an official distributor of Meizu. Therefore they will not continue to give me any support. So I contacted Amazon and within a few day I got a new M2 Note. But I had the same problem with the global factory ROM and the last version . I am very disappointed by Meizu :-(

I am from France and bought the Meizu M2 Note 2 months ago and I have exacly the same problem as everyone : about 1 centimeter from the bottom edge of the screen, the touch is not responsive, I can't touch the number 0 to enter my pin code ! Greatly disappointed !
same, problem here.unresponsive screen(as in whole screen) please advise on how to fix this . thank you.