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83959 18/4/2018 13:48
User594214092 Administrator
Hi Our Dearest Meizu Fans!

There is no doubt that many of us CAN'T live without PHONE any more in modern society.
We use phone for networking, photography, surfing internet, music and e-payment...

Well, the thing is...
We always have new demands.
And we hope that there would be the COOLEST phone in the world which could satisfy all our needs.

Here we gonna listen your ideas !
- What're your demands?
- What kind of phone is your dream phone?
Start your description with "My ideal phone would (be)..."

Let me be the first!
My ideal phone would have INFINITE MEMORY, then I can keep all  pictures and videos in my phone and download as many apps as I want!!!
It would be really cooooool, isn't it?

Then how about you?


Prashant073 Junior 18/5/2018 09:49 From the mobile phone
My ideal phone will have infinite battery
PULKIT007 Member 14/5/2018 21:45
My ideal phone will be Meizu m6 note with 18:9 screen,
because it can fit my budget, others don't
User461961528 Junior 11/5/2018 22:11 From the mobile phone

My Ideal Phone

Edited by hinshal at 11/5/2018 22:12

My ideal phone would be a real bezelless phone without a notch, and with all high-end specifications. And most importantly, it should be a Meizu phone ♥♥
Salah_Eddine Member 14/5/2018 21:54 From the mobile phone
Phone without edges, large memory, beautiful design and hardness of material made
kArViX Member 15/5/2018 02:08
Overcome the usual 3000 mAh battery standard in favor of 3500 mAh
Vinaykumarrock9 Middle Member 15/5/2018 08:53 From the mobile phone
My Ideal would Have be a single-lens(DSLR) camera, It should produce a genuine lens blur not artificial blur, and should support different Lens kit.
javi.D.V.LOP Member 27/7/2018 21:25 From the mobile phone
Updates every week correcting mistakes
User5208586112 Member 5/8/2018 22:01
Meizu 15