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3835 21/5/2018 00:41
User625982668 Member
First impressions of the Meizu 15 are all positive with no negatives. I like the small and light dimensions, for me even thinner like 70 mm would be better, but 72 mm is ok. The screen is nice, speakers nice, no bloatware came with it. My International seller installed multi language and google play store apps, which work. Then he cautioned me that OTA upgrades are not available and I have no idea what that means. Does that mean no OTA upgrades for the multi language? or no OTA upgrades for anything at all? If I can't get new security patches and software upgrades at all then I may regret buying it from an International seller; I just don't know what will and will not be able to get OTA upgrades. Other than that worry, I am very happy with the phone.

I bought the phone from an International seller as I was so eager to get it I didn't want to wait who knows how long for it to be available in my country.  It seems many people use the international sellers who usually state "no OTA updates" in their product listings.  And I just figured, well, somethings probable OTA updates, but that's just a guess.

So far I haven't gotten any update available notices.  On my old phone goggle apps tended to update at least weekly, so I guess I'll find out fairly soon if this phone will update at all.  If it can't OTA upgrade I wonder if I can log into google or Flyme and upgrade in that manner, or use my laptop as an intermediary to update?  I have no idea.


NK_Badal Member 24/5/2018 12:16
What version are you using in the Meizu 15? Because there is no international release of Meizu 15 yet.
User625982668 Member 25/5/2018 09:53
Android version: 7.1.1, Flyme

A Meizu Mod answerred me in a different page that OTA will not work to upgrade anything at all if the ROM is not global version, which I guess it is not.  So I wish I had been more patient and waited for the global version.  Because now I have a phone which might not be able to get new security patches, etc.  I was able to install a new Google game OTA, and Google Maps.

Looking on the bright side now I have an excuse to buy the Meizu 16 when it comes out, maybe in September.  Next time I buy a phone I will definately make sure it is the International version and supports OTA upgrades.
NK_Badal replied at 24/5/2018 12:16
What version are you using in the Meizu 15? Because there is no international release of Meizu 15 ye ...
User625982668 Member 9/6/2018 14:52
Well.  I have had the phone for a while and Google maps and the one Google game I put on it have both successfully upgraded.  So Google seems to be working fine with OTA (over the air) upgrades.  So now I'm wondering what won't OTA updgrade?  I don't know, but it was nice to find out that Google will OTA upgrade.