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2832 27/5/2018 16:04
iMarck90 Junior
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Like of all you know the situation with MEIZU is really not sustainable.. We tried in all ways for change the situation, but still nothing as changed.
Before to give up, let's try with the support of all of you and MEIZU's global community.

We have created a petition and we hope all of you will signing and supporting it.
If you want, we would like that you will translate for us.
For now the petition is translated in: English, Ukraine, Spanish, Italian, Hindi. We would like to have: Russian, French and Chinese. And even more languages.

Thanks for your support and let's try with this last move.

The petition will be spread in all community (Flyme and MEIZU Forum) and even in local communities.

Link to the petition

This post contains more resources

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kArViX Member 27/5/2018 16:09
User594214092 Administrator 1/6/2018 08:22
Dear Forumers!

Please see our official statement from MEIZU and Flyme Global teams:

Flyme Thread:

Thank you for your patience!