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2781 29/5/2018 03:30
User5207655096 Junior

Hi everyone,

Let me start by saying that I'm very happy with my earphones Ep 52.
However, the "+" and "-" stop working. I press them and nothing happens. The same goes with the music stopping if the earbuds get snapped together, I do that and the music continues to play like nothing happened. Am I the only one with this problem?
Can someone help me? I can't be always checking my phone's control buttons... that's why I bought these earphones in the first place!


JeffLew0219 Junior 5/6/2018 08:01
Hi,how is it going to your EP52 so far now ?still have that problems which you said ?
User5207879132 Junior 16/6/2018 20:12 From the mobile phone
Edited by User5207879132 at 16/6/2018 20:17

My meizu ep52 is also malfunctioning, and I have them for barely 2 months...
I am experiencing troubles like headset sudden turns off, or sudden weird loud digital noise breaking the connection and not stopping sometimes until you reset the headset...
Also, ep52 doesn't want to connect, so you have to keep on trying for a while until it starts working. Very often, while incoming call rings, I press the central button to answer the call, but the headset disconnects from my phone, etc...
Is the problem in the battery? I always charge my ep52 when it's empty... I take a good care of this headset, but this is disappointing! Very disappointing!
Any advice on how to get this problem solved? Thanks in advance!