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55715 1/6/2018 08:18
User594214092 Administrator
Thank for your support and thanks for bringing your requests to our attention.
Flyme team has always been concerned about improving global users’ experience with our devices. On hearing our users’ requests, we will adopt the following changes:
1) Improve the security of your devices by updating the security patch more promptly. Ever since the end of last year, we have been keeping the security patch up to date with every release, and this year we will continue this strategy.
2) Focus the work of developers and testers on critical issues that you have reported such as: stability, compatibility with third party applications, network issues, and etc.
3) For older devices which will not get Flyme 7, we will provide additional fixing updates when necessary to solve the core issues and to improve the experience.
4) Listen to your feedback on our forum as always, and provide new features based on this feedback. Users may continue reporting bugs and suggestions in  Bugs and Suggestions section in Flyme Forum.
Again, thanks for helping us grow! It will be our priority to meet your demands and provide a new and better Flyme's experience.

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User5206878980 Junior 22/6/2018 21:04
javi.D.V.LOP Member 27/7/2018 22:46
Thank you for your support and effort, let's hope this is stable. good job
User5208586112 Member 5/8/2018 21:59
I love Meizu
User5208611064 Junior 14/9/2018 01:00 From the mobile phone
хрень полная. ядро старое ,андроид 6. у меня планшет с 3.18.35 андроид 7 и это на mt8321 !!! где ваша поддержка? спит! разблокируйте бут на m5!
Govind_PANDEY Junior 7 days ago From the mobile phone
Sounds good.