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3735 5/7/2018 19:06
Ukrainian228 Junior
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I wanted to untie my account from the smartphone to the meizu m3, but after entering the password, pops up "OPERATION_FAIL_ERROR"

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fiqriachmada Junior 6/7/2018 22:49 From the mobile phone
The website still the Chinese language.
User5208297084 Junior 16/7/2018 22:19
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First, you have to remove sync in the account with the email address it was first registered with. I can't really understand the actual reason for this. But I have faced a similar issue, hence replying. I had to uninstall my antivirus as the firewall was blocking any further changes in the account. You can also try clearing cache files and the browser cookies.
User5208586112 Member 5/8/2018 22:05
How to delete a Flyme account from your phone

If Meizu users want to erase their Flyme account, unbind a Flyme account from their phone, or wish to delete a Flyme account in order to use a new one, here is a quick guide on how to do it.

The most common situation when this is necessary is if you wish to sell or give away your phone and the new owner needs to register a Flyme account.

There have also been cases of unscrupulous online sellers representing (and shipping) used Meizu devices as new. If such a device already has a Flyme account registered on it, there is no way to unbind the account without the password, as detailed in the steps below. If you do not have the password, you will need to contact the seller or previous owner in order to retrieve it.

Note: Unbinding your Flyme account will not change the registration of the serial number at the time of purchase. This registration cannot be modified. Registration of the serial number also serves to verify whether the phone is genuine. Changing a Flyme account will not affect after-sales service. And if you must unbind your SN and IMEI info from your ID, you will have to contact the after sales service and they can do it for you( but that is actually not necessary).

To unbind a Flyme account

Method 1: This is the recommended procedure and the following steps are all completed on the phone.

Go to Settings ~ Accounts ~ Click on the little triangle at the end of your current Flyme account name ~ Tap the "Log out" button.

Method 2: The following steps are completed on the Flyme webpage.

1. Go to ... 32&service=flymeweb and log in to the Flyme online system with your current Flyme account:

2. Click on 云服务 (meaning "cloud service" and the second of the five options across the the horizontal menu) and you should see all your registered Meizu devices. Choose the one you want to unbind from your current Flyme account and click on the 远程退出 (meaning "remotely log out") button to the right of your phone details.

A small window will pop up requiring your current Flyme account password. Fill in your password, then click on the blue 确定 (meaning "confirm") button. After this, you will see a notification saying "The order has been sent, please check". Go to Settings ~ Accounts in your phone to check whether the account has been logged out.

Please note: Under certain circumstances, network instability might prevent the order to remotely log from being successfully sent to your phone. This is the reason why Method 1 is recommended.