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2950 14/7/2018 21:34
User5207868276 Junior

Is anybody can help me?
I'm using M6X. I wake up this morning I saw my phone is blocked....
The phone is asking the password of flyme account. I've changed the password several times in my account in my computer but doesn't recognize, doesn't help. Is just writing that is incorrect and sometime ask to enter BSP_SN. I supose that BSP_SN is the serial number. I enter but even so does not work.


哈哈是小奇 Junior 19/7/2018 12:23
hello Meizu friend,i am Meizu fan and try to do some help for your problem,i am not sure whether you can use ur computer to update the firmware of ur M6X to lastest version.
the engineer recommend you to solve ur problem in this way. Otherwise, You need send ur phone to Meizu after sale store for techinical check and repair.
User5208586112 Member 5/8/2018 22:03
Is it solved now?