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3516077 30/9/2015 22:21
vpclabs Junior
I have Meizu m2 note, i can't touch 3 mm from screen edge. For example when we typing message, the letter "p" and ''q'' it so hard to get touch, when play the game this thing make me headache. Any one experiencing this issue. Any fix?


sabesian Super Moderator 1/10/2015 08:04
Hi!! please make sure that you are on the latest firmware, Indian firmware - , if it doesn't not fix your problem please let me know.
vpclabs Junior 1/10/2015 22:35
Iam now at 4.5.4I .. its still affected.
Codesobig Member 7/10/2015 12:36
i have same problem/issue
Uppala Junior 7/10/2015 13:02
Even I am facing the same issue with display touch.
User97194772 Junior 7/10/2015 13:08
I m having same problem
User97194772 Junior 7/10/2015 13:10
Service person said need to replace touch guard
MominAnsari Middle Member 7/10/2015 13:12
But where are the Service centers

sabesian Super Moderator 7/10/2015 15:18
Hi!! here is the list of all the service centers in India and also the list of different portals by which you can contact customer support  -
MominAnsari replied at Oct 07 2015 13:12
But where are the Service centers
damato Meizu Fans' Moderator 7/10/2015 17:38
before you contact any service centers, make sure your phone is not wearing any (especially glass) screen protectors. If the problem still exists, please do contact customer support.