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171475235 24/10/2015 18:28
sabesian Super Moderator
Edited by sabesian at Jan 05 2016 20:32

In a bid to make Meizu community more friendly, comfortable for our fans, we took an initiative to set up our Meizu India fans’ group on Whatsapp  

We hope to get even more discussions mixed with fun talks from Meizu fans over our Whatsapp group. Forum is and will always be our priority, and we will just monitor Whatsapp group without much interference.  Whatsapp group is user centric, less rules and more focus on small fun talks; we aim to foster community spirit with this.

Please only ask your queries , questions on forum. We won't be actively answering questions on our Meizu India fans's Whatsapp group as we won't be able to follow up the questions, but you can post link of your thread on our forum and post link over our Whatsgroup.

To be part of our Whatsapp group,please send a Whatsapp message on . "I am a Meizu fan” and we will add you to our Meizu India fans’ group.


Please add me the WhaysApp group.

MominAnsari Middle Member 26/10/2015 12:38
Thanks for the info

sabesian Super Moderator 27/10/2015 11:28
Glad you like it . if you have any suggestions for us to even improve more , let us know
Pulak Middle Member 2/11/2015 21:59 From the mobile phone
It's a nice initiative...
Polestar2708 Junior 2/11/2015 22:40 From the mobile phone
Another step... Closer to the meizu community
sabesian Super Moderator 2/11/2015 22:43
You guys make Meizu ,so please keep supporting us .
Polestar2708 replied at Nov 02 2015 22:40
Another step... Closer to the meizu community
用户103979512 Member 4/11/2015 11:13 From the mobile phone
thanks for the info,soon i wish to be a part of fan club.
Kanthbros Member 8/11/2015 11:17
I will join this group
用户107011756 Junior 8/11/2015 14:41
Hi I have already sent a request to join... But no action been taken so far.. How long will it take to add...
Thanks in advance
zachu Senior Member 8/11/2015 22:44 From the mobile phone
I will notify please wait