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Jack Wong talks MX...



After almost two months of silence, Jack Wong is back!  This time he's in full philosophy mode:


I would translate as:

[i]I've been contentedly involved with the Android 4.0 interface, (but no matter my silence) I will be one with the MX and Meizu fans.  Thanks everyone[i].

So, it seems JW has been deeply and happily working with the new Android 4.0 update coming next year and -in the spirit of Daoism- it seems his thoughts and feeling have become one with the MX and with all the Meizu fans.  Truly, JW is the Laozi of Meizu.

...or, as one fan suggested after reading JW's reply, maybe he drank too much

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We are waiting for MX and its overseas plan
My, your, is, minute and zero


Yesterday 12/15, Jack Wong broke his self-imposed silence again with an answer to all those who have been asking about the difference between the Hong Kong and Domestic versions of the MX.  Specifically, fans have zeroed in on the issue of the unlocked ROM on the Hong Kong version.  

JW explained:


I would translate the essential idea as:

[i]Because at the moment our experience isn't sufficient to completely understand the requirements of buyers in Hong Kong, Macao, and other markets, we will offer the MX unlocked in those regions.  [/i][i]Thank you very much for your understanding .

So, in essence, JW is saying that offering root access on the global edition of the MX is the safest bet to appeal to new Meizu buyers outside the company's stronghold in the PRC.

I'd say that's a good bet.


Merry Christmas from JW!

Well, not exactly.    

Today (12/25) Jack Wong replied to a concerned MX buyer who placed an order in Hong Kong.  Will the warranty still be valid on the Mainland if purchased in HK?

JW had this to say:


which, according to my terrible Chinese, seems to mean:

[i]There won't be any restrictions based on the (origin of) warranty card; the only restrictions will be (based on) the number of (MX) purchases by a single buyer.[/i]

So I guess that means that HK buyers will be eligible for service on the Mainland, but individuals who purchase multiple MX phones (presumably to resell) will have trouble.  Seems, then, that warranties issued at the time of purchase are non-transferable??

Any clarifications to that interpretation welcome


Wow!  After sporadic postings over the last few months, Jack Wong unleashes an avalanche of replies on the BBS...8 in just the last two days!  

So let's see what we have:

First, yesterday (12/26) we had a fan asking JW how the 4.0 update was coming along.  We got this in reply:


[i]Progress has been smooth...thanks[/i]

Then today (12/27) we get a hint that the Android 4.0 update coming next year is going to be comprehensive:


[i]Of course, because of the large number of changes in the 4.0 UI.[/i]

Then, JW answered the Big One...when will we see the quad-core MX?  Yesterday 12/26 he said:


[i]The quad-core will most likely need until May, 2012[/i]


Today, January 4th, Jack Wong appeared again on the China BBS after a week-long absence.  Perhaps with the passing of another New Year and the release of the MX after another long product development cycle, he has once again become the philosophical and reflective JW.  A fan left an open letter on the BBS wondering about JW's long periods of absence from the forum...and yes, missing him.  That apparently caught JW's attention:




[i]I often look through the forums, many times simply not saying anything.  I also sometimes browse through IT reports, for example just now I was looking over a number of articles and my mood is not very good.  Some media and people basically have no conscience or morals, twist the facts, and recklessly insult our character.[/i]

[i]These days, I almost never go out except for a haircut.  Always being busy this way for so many many years, my heart is tired, but mind is calm.  I sometimes feel although the world is big, there is no place for me in society. [/i]

Some people might say JW is wallowing in self-pity, perhaps even displaying a bit of narcissism there.  Let's face it, though...good or bad, JW takes everything related to his company very personally and often wears his heart on his sleeve on the forums.  That range of emotion and earthiness coming from this self-made man are probably a big part of why Meizu fans hold him in such high regard.  No matter your view, his words are always an interesting insight into a fascinating character.


A double-dose of JW on 1/04

Another forum member asked JW to comment on the rumors he has relinquished much of his responsibility at the company..."become a figurehead" as the forum poster put it.

And here's JW's reply:



[i]Meizu is harmonious; the team is relaxed and cheerful because of our mutual dreams and endeavors.  As for me, I'm a little tired and unwilling to be in contact with too many people or get involved with too many things.  I've stayed at home and gone out less over the past year or so, but you can see that our Meizu colleagues and partners are very capable.  Before, my responsibilities at Meizu dealt very little with specifics and it's still about the same now...giving general direction and exchanging thoughts & ideas.   Although I'm taking a break, the dream has never died.[/i]

So there you have it.  It sounds like JW is experiencing mid-career burnout.  If he ever was micro-managing the company before, it's clear he's not anymore and relying on his staff to deal with all the day-to-day stuff while he stays involved with the Big Picture.  

Perhaps he should take a sabbatical...he seems like a good candidate for a pilgrimage or perhaps a stay in a monastery to meditate on the issues that seem to be weighing on him.    

Anyway, no doubt JW is still in charge...perhaps just stepping back to recharge and consider some of the bigger issues in life.

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I'm waiting for the 32G version, or maybe the next one after MX,who knows what that will be!


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