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Meizu MX first teardown / disassembly

Meizu MX first teardown / disassembly

Finally, after two-plus weeks with their test samples, a couple of websites in China have decided to rip apart the MX and take a look at all the goodness inside.  First we have a basic teardown from, then a much more thorough going over from  In both cases, you really wish for macro photos and the chip ID & explanations could be much more detailed, but at least we have a start:


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Wow, looks really nice in there.  Meizu has really shown a lot of progress in assembling ever more sophisticated devices.  All black too...looks like the MX means serious business .

From the IT168 teardown, we can see the battery assembly for the first time.  No, it's not meant to be removed and recharged using an external charger, but disconnecting it is not too frightening.  You have to remove a cover that also functions as a retainer for the battery and looks like the few screws holding down the cover will "break" their black coating as proof to Meizu that you've gone in there and messed around [img]images/smilies/default/tongue.gif[/img] .  After that, you just need to lift out the battery and disconnect it from the board.  Again, not for the electronically squeamish, but not that dramatic either.

After getting past the front & rear camera assemblies and tearing off some EM shielding, we get to the heart of the beast.

Of course we have the Samsung Exynos 4210 CPU with MALI-400 GPU.  So what else?

~ SanDisk16GB flash memory

~ Wolfson WM8958 audio codec

~ Silicon Image HDMI transmitter for the MX's MHL function.

~ u-blox GPS receiver module

~ Atmel touchscreen controller

~ Maxim MAX8977 power management IC (part of the Samsung Exynos package)

~ Infineon 5712 RF transceiver

~ Infineon 9811 baseband processor

~ RF Micro IT168 labels the chip as RF6560, which is part of their PowerSmart package for GSM & 3G radio hardware.  But IT168 also labels this as "RFMD WiFi", which the 6560 chip is not. Hmm.  Both Soomal & IT168 ignore the shield marked with a QR code & "MX116" up top next to the Wolfson that the actual WiFi & Bluetooth module??

OK, now an open invite to correct and add to the parts list since my Chinese is hitting the wall...

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Thanks to Archon at, we get a more detailed look at the MX's innards.  A slightly revised parts list:

CPU + GPU package: Samsung Exynos 4210 + MALI-400 GPU + 1GB ROM

User storage: SanDisk16GB

Power management: Maxim MAX8977

Audio: Wolfson WM8958

8mp rear camera sensor: Sony Exmor R CMOS with f/2.2 lens

0.3mp front camera: OmniVision CameraCube

Camera Image Signal Processor: Fujitsu MBG048

MHL transmitter (for HDMI out): Silicon Image 9244B0

GPS receiver: u-blox G6010NT

Electronic 3-axis compass: AKM AKM8975-C

WiFi & Bluetooth: Broadcom BCM4239

Touchscreen controller: Atmel maXTouch MXT224E

RF transceiver: Infineon (now Intel) PMB5712 SMARTi UE2

Baseband processor: Infineon (now Intel) X-Gold PMB9811

Memory stack: Toshiba Y8A0A111434KA (absolutely nothing on Google or Baidu about this part)

GSM + 3G: Still some questions here, but RF Micro Devices RFMD6260 is involved  

Have a look at Archon's teardown and feel free to elaborate

Original link:


Google translated:


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Interesting to see there is an unsoldered bit on the main board that is supposbly for NFC, does that mean we will see NFC upgrades in the future when they become more common in China?
...and then, dream becomes reality...


That idea was apparently shot down on the China BBS when discussion started a couple of weeks ago, but as you can see in the evolife analysis, it's a very persistent rumor.  Clearly some sort of future upgrade was being considered in the layout  

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